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Thursday, 15 December 2011

Visitor acquisition through online advertising

Search Marketing

A significant part of every online marketing budget is devoted to acquiring and retaining customers through search, display, email, mobile, and social marketing. To succeed in today's competitive market conditions, it's critical to target and optimize advertising to reach the right audience with a relevant message and ultimately deliver a compelling site or in-store experience.

Adobe, with its robust data platform that feeds powerful analytics and optimization capabilities, is uniquely positioned to help online advertisers achieve and exceed their goals. The Adobe® Digital Marketing Suite provides customers the tools to leverage rich visitor profiles and marketing data insights to optimize advertising campaigns and provide consumers with meaningful and timely messages. Adobe supports search engine marketing, display, email, social, and mobile advertising programs. Adobe SearchCenter+ allows search marketers to access current, reliable data to optimize and automate search campaigns.

Audience Optimization

Adobe® AudienceManager enables advertisers to action robust multisource visitor profiles into complex multipartner advertising distribution opportunities. Adobe AudienceManager, formerly known as Demdex from Adobe, is the first data management platform — in market since 2008. It is embraced by the world's most recognized brands across diverse industries. Its enterprise-level technology is a preferred alternative to homegrown systems that are often expensive to build, operate, and maintain. Adobe AudienceManager provides the scale, reliability, insight, and performance necessary to power large digital advertising programs, yielding unparalleled digital advertising relevance to Adobe Digital Marketing Suite customers.

The Adobe Digital Marketing Suite includes:

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